Beijing Foundation

Professional Philanthropy

Beijing Foundation mobilizes resources and acts as a catalyst to build strong communities and promote effective and transparent philanthropy. Beijing Foundation helps donors plan and carry out their charitable giving in Beijing and the nearby provinces in Northern China. It distributes grants which anticipate as well as respond to community needs. It works to build a permanent source of philanthropic funding for the greater Beijing region.

Building Our Community

We embrace these values for ourselves and for the community that we serve:

• build respectful partnerships to foster common understanding, solve problems, and ensure a caring community;

• develop our resources to effectively listen, reflect, and share lessons;

• foster excellence and leadership in individuals and institutions;

• value diversity and equity in all of our actions;

• demonstrate integrity through accessible, timely, and responsive actions; and

• operate in a completely transparent, trustworthy and accountable way.


Beijing Foundation offers the following services for both donors and grant recipients:

• identifying and sourcing projects

• ensuring effectiveness

• follow through to ensure accountability

• providing liaison channels with appropriate China government agencies

• auditing and financial services

Development Progress

Beijing Foundation is currently in the process of being established. We have been “in process” since 2007. So it’s taking a while. Doing professional philanthropy in China is an uphill climb. Hopefully one day we’ll succeed. Watch this space for updates.

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and Accountability Poverty Alleviation

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Professionalism Cultural Programs

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Trustworthy Independently Audited Accounting Environmental Protection

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Non-politicized Scientific Information Early Childhood Education

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Beijing Foundation

Have you ever wanted to make a donation to charity in China but weren’t sure if your donation would be spent effectively and honestly? So have we. So we set out to solve that problem. Not only for ourselves—but for all donors. Beijing Foundation researches the effectiveness, impact, and transparency of charitable organizations in China. No easy task. But one which must be done. The idea of Beijing Foundation is simple—anyone may use it to give back to his or her community—with full confidence in knowing it will be done effectively and honestly. The leaders of Beijing Foundation ensure that donors’ generosity achieves maximum results.


Public Audits
Build Capacity

Introducing Professional Philanthropy to China

Who are we?

Neighbors helping neighbors.  We know and care about our community.  When you choose to invest in the future of your community, you want to work with someone that not only knows China, but also understands professional philanthropy.  We are a charity serving the residents of Beijing and the surrounding provinces with one goal in mind—improving the quality of life in Northern China. Beijing Foundation awards grants to worthwhile, effective, transparent and accountable humanitarian, educational, and cultural organizations that make China so remarkable.

Beijing Foundation is overseen by a volunteer board of leading citizens who live in Beijing—both foreigners and local Chinese.  Beijing Foundation is run by professionals with in-depth knowledge of the community needs. In addition to our work with charitable funds and grant making, we work closely with area NGOs and local government authorities to identify current and emerging issues so we can address the needs of Beijing currently, as well as prepare for the future.

Beijing Foundation is currently in the process of being established.  We have been “in process” since 2007.  So it’s taking a while.  Doing professional philanthropy in China is an uphill climb.  Hopefully one day we’ll succeed.  Watch this space for updates.